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Okinawa.com – Okinawa travel, culture, links and more

Okinawa.com is a blog that provides information about culture and travel of Okinawa. There are many photos from the various islands and festivals as well as a large collection of useful links for people living in or traveling to Okinawa. A large section of the blog is dedicated to research of Okinawa culture which is […]

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Japan Blog: Musachan's Gate to Japan

Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan

Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan includes: Travel notes on visiting Japan, travel reviews, sightseeing, tourist attractions, historical and cultural facts, travel photos, travel tips A series of daily Japan photos, covering Japan places (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Nikko…), traditional and modern Japanese culture, lifestyle, architecture, people, interesting facts Japan’s most famous customs and traditions with photos, videos, […]

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Shibuya246 – Japan – People, Travel and Products

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Shibuya246 “Living and working in Shibuya for 20 years this city within the city of Tokyo is always surprising me with shops, trends and new places to visit. I hope to introduce you to many of those new and some of the old great places in Shibuya as […]

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Zu Fuss durch Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Japan Blog: Zu Fuss durch Japan “Abmarsch vom Kap Soya (Soya Misaki) nördlichster Punkt von Hokkaido. Ankunft voraussichtlich Mitte Dezember 2011, am Kap Sata (Sata Misaki) südlichster Punkt von Kyushu. Mein Ziel ist der Weg! Nebst körperlicher Leistung ist es auch meine Absicht interessierte Leute über Japan zu informieren (in […]

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JD Japan – Outlining a trip to Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: JD Japan We’re two senior high school students planning to go to Japan in future and we’re posting our trip’s details on the blog which hopefully will help other people by setting an example. URL: http://jdjapan.wordpress.com/ Category: Travel Japan Start Date: December 10, 2011 Location: Sydney, Australia About this Japan blogger […]

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Big Sushi, Little Fishes

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Big Sushi, Little Fishes Big Sushi, Little Fishes continues the on-again, off-again narrative of my adventures as a long-term expat in Japan – a narrative first started some thirteen years ago with Postcards from Hokkaido and maintained sporadically through other efforts such as Tokyo Kills Me. URL: http://bigsushilittlefishes.wordpress.com/ Category: […]

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Best of Sapporo Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Best of Sapporo Japan Provides information on things to see and do in Sapporo, Japan.  Includes tips and advice on place to eat and drink, ski resorts and more….. URL: http://www.best-of-sapporo-japan.com/ Category: Travel Blogs Start Date: December 2010 Location: Sapporo, Japan About the author of this Japan blog A British male who […]

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Hiking in Southern Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Hiking in Southern Japan This blog provides huge information about hiking in Kyushu and Shikoku Islands in southern Japan. It gives practical information such as day routes, multiple day routes with lots of photos as well as books, equipment and a journal. URL: http://demo.inktails.com/ Category: Japan Travel Blogs Start Date: August […]

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Japan Blog: Onsen Meijin

Onsen Meijin

This blog is about Onsen, Japanese hot spring bathing. It is focused on the famous onsen area of Beppu and features the visits of Mischa in various kinds of establishments in various price classes, water types and available facilities. A must read if you are around Beppu and want to chose an onsen. “Hi! My […]

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JCastle – Guide to Japanese Castles

Addition to Japan Blog Directory JCASTLE Guide to Japanese Castles JCastle – This site is a Guide to the 125 castles in Japan personally visited by Eric Obershaw and 61 donated by readers. It provides a lot of photo material as well as historical background information. URL: http://www.jcastle.info/ Category: Travel Blogs Start Date: June 12, 1999 Location: Tokyo […]

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