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Susie Somewhere – Life in Sendai

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Susie Somewhere A blog about my new life in Sendai. I’ll be writing about settling in, my perceptions of life in Japan, and about pursing my interests (food, crafts and the outdoors) here in Japan. URL: http://susiesomewhere.blogspot.com/ Category: Foreigners & Japan Start Date: November 1, 2011 Location: Sendai, Japan About this […]

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A Picky Eater’s Guide to Sendai Grub

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog:  A Picky Eater’s Guide to Sendai Grub I’m not crazy about seafood. I don’t eat cheese or milk-based foods. And I don’t like most beans. But I love a great meal!!! Since living here in Sendai I’ve come across a number of restaurants, bakeries, and assorted other eateries […]

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Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Sendaiben sendaiben.org is a blog written by Ben Shearon, an English teacher in Sendai. It focuses mainly on teaching, particularly with a focus on Japan, but occasionally goes off on tangents. URL: http://sendaiben.org/ Category: Working in Japan Start Date: August 2005 Location: Sendai About the author of this Japan blog “I’m originally from […]

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