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Cool Japan – Introducing Japan to the world

This blog is all about Japanese culture, life in Japan, news of Japan as well as Anime, food and music. The author was born in Japan and now lives in the US. URL: japanese-entertainment.com Start Date: 2014/09/30 Location: USA

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Japan Blog: The Nomad's Land

The Nomad’s Land

A bit of a smorgasbord including the ups and downs of life in Hokkaido, mixed with the adventures in marrying a Japanese man and spiced up with rants and completely random interests. Sarah – a 29 year old South African who came to Sapporo on the JET Program 6 years ago, flirted with a physics […]

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Japan Blog: Deep Japan

Deep Japan

Deep Japan tries to provide visitors to Japan with a more “local” and deep experience via “How To”, “Recommend” and “Knowledge”. We have over 100 Senpai contributors who answer interesting questions about details of this wonderful country! People who are in Japan, have been here over one year and who can answer questions in English […]

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Jojoebi Designs

Jojoebi designs

Life in japan raising a bilingual child in a Montessori inspired home, crafts, cooking, kids activities, travel and everything in between. URL: http://www.jojoebi-designs.com/ Start Date: May, 2007 Location:  Saitama, Japan About this Japan blogger A Brit living in Japan, designing, sewing, crafting and helping busy moms organize their kids and home so they have more time for […]

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Chasing cherry Blossoms

chasing cherry blossoms

Chasing Cherry Blossoms documents the life of me, Jim, a 20-something foreigner living in the Japanese countryside. Here you can keep bang up-to-date with my (mis)adventures (as I navigate the places, people and food of Japan), browse through my pictures and hopefully share some thoughts of your own by commenting along! URL: http://chasing-cherry-blossoms.blogspot.jp/ Start Date: May, 2011 […]

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KA International Mothers in Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: KA INTERNATIONAL MOTHERS IN JAPAN Kajapan.org is a WORLD FIRST non-profit blog on Japan, run by foreigners, for foreigners. It is a spin-off of a Facebook community of foreigners spread across Japan, all with one thing in common; family. Every one of the 300+ members is raising or is part of […]

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Sumo Joe Says

Sumo Joe says…

“Sumo Joe Says” is an entertaining blog for people who love all things Japanese. Sumo Joe of sumjoesays.com is a fictitious character who rates everything from Japanese restaurants to popular sites in Japan using his own unique Sumo Stomps Rating system. You’ll love it! URL: http://sumojoesays.com/ Start Date: April, 2013 Location:  South Carolina, USA About this Japan blogger […]

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Tokyo Hometown


This is a blog by committed lovers of Tokyo who want to show anyone interested why they have chosen to live here, of all the cities in the world. Surely, it is the perfect city to blog about, with all this energy, all this wonderful weirdness. URL: http://tokyohometown.blogspot.jp/ Start Date: September, 2012 Location: Hiyoshi, Yokohama, Japan About this […]

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Victor Edision

Life in Japan

This is a comic-journal-diary-blog about my life in Japan. I’ll be updating it every few days but, because these strips take time to draw, they’ll be about a month or two behind “real time.” My name is Victor Edison, I’ve been living in Japan, teaching English, studying Japanese, and drawing comics since 2004. URL: https://victoredison.wordpress.com/ Start Date: March […]

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Japan Blog: Tokyo Baths

Kyoto Baths

Kyoto Baths aims to make public bathing in Kyoto more accessible to foreigners unaquainted with the customs but curious to try. During my first visit to Japan a friend took me to an onsen. I loved the experience and when I came back to Japan in 2007 to settle I started exploring onsen and sento. […]

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