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Japan Blog: Pink Daisy

PinkuDaisy’s Blog – Learning Japanese

A personal blog about learning Japanese with many example sentences and a nice collection of Japanese videos, often with subtitles, to train comprehension. A girl from Croatia trying to learn Japanese language. URL: http://pinkudaisy.blogspot.com/ Start Date: November 2, 2010 Location: Croatia

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Japan Blog: Hiragana Mama

Hiragana Mama

Hiragana Mama – A resource for parents wanting to teach their children the Japanese language and about Japanese culture or for anyone beginning to learn Japanese. I also post about useful websites for learning Japanese, Japanese food for children, and bilingualism. A mama trying to teach her kids Japanese in America. URL: http://hiraganamama.wordpress.com/ Start Date: October, 2010 Location: United […]

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