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JCastle – Guide to Japanese Castles

Addition to Japan Blog Directory JCASTLE Guide to Japanese Castles JCastle – This site is a Guide to the 125 castles in Japan personally visited by Eric Obershaw and 61 donated by readers. It provides a lot of photo material as well as historical background information. URL: http://www.jcastle.info/ Category: Travel Blogs Start Date: June 12, 1999 Location: Tokyo […]

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Japan Blog: Japanese Castle Explorer

Japanese Castle Explorer

Japanese Castle Explorer – This is a site dedicated to Japanese castles and their surroundings. Daniel O’Grady has spend 10 year visiting castles, researching their history and documenting his experiences and knowledge an a very entertaining and informative way. A must read for every one interested in Japanese castles. URL: http://www.japanese-castle-explorer.com/ Start Date: August 2001 Location: Japan About […]

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