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Your Japan Now

Il Giappone che cercavi, notizie, informazioni importanti, recensioni e destinazioni. Cultura, figure e molto altro dal Giappone.  I have been in japan many times, are already 12 years I go to japan and with my blog I want share this experience, information and news about japan to italian people. Give a taste of japan for […]

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A Long Way to Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: A long way to Japan In my blog, I write about my travel through Japan, japanese culture, food, movies and music, problems of learning the language and my long distance relationship with the man of my dreams which we keep up more than 2 years by now. I also […]

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Japan on a Budget

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Japan on a Budget How to travel Japan on a budget and other glimpses into Japanese life. URL: Japan on a Budget Category: Travel Japan Start Date: 2009 Location: Australia About this Japan blogger Carole Goldsmith is an international journalist and trainer, reporting on Japan, China, Korea and other parts of […]

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Japan Blog: I Love YU

I love Yu – Japanese Onsen Hot Spring Guide

I Love Yu is a collection of reviews and other information about onsen and sento in Kansai and beyond. It is focused on local bathhouses (sento) and hot springs (onsen) that can be visited on a day trip, after work or on the weekend. Sento and onsen have a long history in Japan and give […]

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Japan Blog: Onsen Soaker

Onsen Soaker

This is a very comprehensive blog about onsen hot springs all over Japan also occasionally covering hot springs in other countries.  I features very beautiful pictures of traditional Japanese Onsen with lot’s of nature and practical information about entrance fees and how to get there. “I Visited about 1300 hot springs including more than 150 […]

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Japan Blog: Japanese Castle Explorer

Japanese Castle Explorer

Japanese Castle Explorer – This is a site dedicated to Japanese castles and their surroundings. Daniel O’Grady has spend 10 year visiting castles, researching their history and documenting his experiences and knowledge an a very entertaining and informative way. A must read for every one interested in Japanese castles. URL: http://www.japanese-castle-explorer.com/ Start Date: August 2001 Location: Japan About […]

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