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Tokyo Stroller

A guide to navigating Tokyo with Kids. Sharing kid-friendly venues, restaurants and classes. Asian-American wife and mother living in Tokyo with 2 kids. URL: www.tokyostroller.com Started on: February 2011 Location: Tokyo

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Jojoebi Designs

Jojoebi designs

Life in japan raising a bilingual child in a Montessori inspired home, crafts, cooking, kids activities, travel and everything in between. URL: http://www.jojoebi-designs.com/ Start Date: May, 2007 Location:  Saitama, Japan About this Japan blogger A Brit living in Japan, designing, sewing, crafting and helping busy moms organize their kids and home so they have more time for […]

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KA International Mothers in Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: KA INTERNATIONAL MOTHERS IN JAPAN Kajapan.org is a WORLD FIRST non-profit blog on Japan, run by foreigners, for foreigners. It is a spin-off of a Facebook community of foreigners spread across Japan, all with one thing in common; family. Every one of the 300+ members is raising or is part of […]

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Victor Edision

Life in Japan

This is a comic-journal-diary-blog about my life in Japan. I’ll be updating it every few days but, because these strips take time to draw, they’ll be about a month or two behind “real time.” My name is Victor Edison, I’ve been living in Japan, teaching English, studying Japanese, and drawing comics since 2004. URL: https://victoredison.wordpress.com/ Start Date: March […]

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