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Travel in Boots

Travel in Boots was created in 2014 three months after I moved to Japan. I wanted to highlight my slow pace travels around Japan and my new life as a military spouse working as an ESL teacher to Senior High School Students. The idea of my travel lifestyle is budget accommodation but splurging on attractions […]

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Best Living Japan

BestLivingJapan offers curated information in Japan for the curious and creative. The author is a long term resident of Japan who just retired from a large Internet company and needed something to do…along with raising her four kids and a dog. URL: www.bestlivingjapan.com Started on: October 2014 Location: Tokyo

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Blog of Japan

Living in Tokyo as a foreigner is not easy when we just arrive, lot of new things to learn ! So i thought it would be interesting to share all the things i learnt to make new comers’ life easier. There are also so many interesting things in this wonderful country so it would be […]

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