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Origami Kiwi

Learn about life in Japan on the JET Programme, and read up on tips and advice on how to successfully get accepted into the programme. See some of the best places to travel around Japan – from the everyone-must-do places, to the hidden treasures in Tochigi prefecture. Extra posts cover Japanese street fashion, health and […]

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The Japan Guy

The Japan Guy is a look at the Land of the Rising Sun from a foreigner’s perspective. In this blog you will find everything from teaching English in Japan to learning the language, to how-to’s, to how-to videos, to frustrating aspects of Japanese life, to cultural differences and more. Donald Ash is an Atlanta, Georgia-born expat […]

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Japan Blog: How to Teach English in Japan

How to teach English in Japan

“At our blog you will learn all about living, working, and traveling Japan.    As well we cut through the hype and negativity about teaching English here and, have down to earth advice on how to teach English in Japan.” Kevin R Burns, came to Japan in 1989 intending to stay one year, but never […]

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The tales of Origami Carla folding into Japanese life…how one Australian ALT handles the every day situations that Japanese culture throws her way… URL: http://paperdolljapan.wordpress.com/ Start Date: March 29, 2010 Location: Hitachiomiya, Ibaraki, Japan About this Japan blogger They say things happen in three’s. Well, as I enter my third decade on this planet, my life is an […]

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Click a Japan


My  name is Farah.  I am a Filipina living in Japan. My hobby is taking photos of almost anything … Click-a is the sound of the camera shutter, or the Click-a of your pc mouse…  😛 Photographs and paragraphs …  that  is the theme of  this blog. Will also be writing some stuff about my […]

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Resident Alien

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Resident Alien I’m an EFL teacher/parent/occasional translator (Japanese to English) whose children were raised and partly educated in Japan.  Having lived, studied, and worked in Japan for 17 years, I still enjoy reading and speaking Japanese, and my children strongly identify with Japan. I blog a lot about […]

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