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Jenna no Manga! ジェナの漫画!

The webcomic blog of a french woman married to a japanese man in Japan. I also share videos of our life there. In April 2015 I will celebrate my 10 years in Japan. Now married and a stay at home mother I like to make comics and videos about my life here . URL: http://jennanomanga.blogspot.jp/ Started on: […]

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Victor Edision

Life in Japan

This is a comic-journal-diary-blog about my life in Japan. I’ll be updating it every few days but, because these strips take time to draw, they’ll be about a month or two behind “real time.” My name is Victor Edison, I’ve been living in Japan, teaching English, studying Japanese, and drawing comics since 2004. URL: https://victoredison.wordpress.com/ Start Date: March […]

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