Japanese Onsen Hotspring Blogs

Blogs about Japanese Onsen Hot Springs

Japanese refined their bathing culture over hundreds of year and created a very special experience with Onsen. Many foreigners appreciate the beauty and relaxation of Onsen so it is no wonder to find an increasing number of blogs dedicated to all the Onsen all over Japan.

List of Onsen Blogs

Onsen Meijin – This blog is about Onsen, Japanese hot spring bathing. It is focused on the famous onsen area of Beppu and features the visits of Mischa in various kinds of establishments in various price classes, water types and available facilities. A must read if you are around Beppu and want to chose an onsen. Learn more…

Onsen Soaker – This is a very comprehensive blog about onsen hot springs all over Japan also occasionally covering hot springs in other countries.  I features very beautiful pictures of traditional Japanese Onsen with lot’s of nature and practical information about entrance fees and how to get there. Learn more…

I Love Yu is a collection of reviews and other information about onsen and sento in Kansai and beyond. It is focused on local bathhouses (sento) and hot springs (onsen) that can be visited on a day trip, after work or on the weekend. Sento and onsen have a long hisory in Japan and give the bather a chance to experience this important part of Japan’s natural and cultural history. Learn more…

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