Japan Tech Blogs

List of Japan Technology Blogs

Japan is the source of a lot great technology and innovation and many bloggers dedicated their site for write about the latest technology trends and gadgets.

Japan Tech Blog Directory

Akihabara News – brings you the latest High-Tech news but also exclusive reports from the Mecca of new technologies known as Akihabara (the Akihabara District in Tokyo) also offering previews, reviews and interviews that are nowhere else to be found.

Wireless Watch Japan – Founded in 2001, Wireless Watch Japan is the original, independent English news source on Japan’s mobile industry and provides in-depth and original coverage via news reports, analytical articles, streaming video & audio programs and a free email newsletter. Learn more…

TokyoTek brings you stories from the realm of “I can’t believe it’s not sci fi”. Innovative developments in Japanese technology that give of a glimpse of tomorrow. New and unusual gadgets, robotics, augmented and virtual reality. This is the future; this is TokyoTek. Learn more…

Digital World Tokyo – The site features occasional news snippets from the Japanese tech field, with a recent unhealthy emphasis on the iPhone and iPad. While the site isn’t intended to be a comprehensive news source, the insights and tips are sometimes not ignored by the thousands of monthly readers with a specific interest in Japan. Learn more…

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