Japan News

Blogs dedicated to publishing news on Japan

This is a directory of blogs that deal with news around Japan in English. They usually have multiple sources and post for various topics such as policy, economy, culture and many more.

Japanese news blog directory

NewsOnJapan.com – is a news blog posting key headlines about Japan in various categories such as politics, economy, travel, society, etc.
Learn more…

What Japan thinks – writes about trends in Japan by publishing facts and figures of translated opinion polls and surveys.

3YEN – is a blog that picks up selected news from Japan.

JAPAN PROBE – This site exists since 2006 and regularly posts about news and entertainment in Japan. It is managed by a group of co-authors and regularly featured by other blogs.

Japan Security Watch covers Japanese defense and security issues. We cover everything from constitutional issues to new weapons systems and procurement. Particular emphasis on the changing security climate in East Asia, so-called “normalization” issues, and Japan’s expanding role in the world. Learn more…

Tokyo Podcast – One of the most exiting cities in Asia, Tokyo is a pulsating, neon-lit, adrenaline rush! Anthony Joh brings you all the funny, serious, and just plain strange aspects of living in Japan. As the blog’s name indicates you have listen to it as a podcast on iTunes. Learn more…

MMA Japan covers combat sports out of Japan (kakutougi), puroresu, and other related sports.  We are the largest website in the world to cover this subject matter.  We have staff across Japan and Asia to cover the sport and bring the best coverage to our readers. Learn more…

Jochen Legewie Blog These are the observations of a European PR professional in Japan who has been here for roughly 20 years and who intends to stay here much longer – to shape a bit the course of this wonderful country. Learn more…

Tokyo Essential The blog is about interesting news and travel information in Tokyo.Learn more…


The Japan Daily Press A blog about the latest news in Japan with many topics and clear explanations. Learn more…

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  1. Japan News Blog T - September 16, 2014

    […] Japan News – THE JAPAN BLOG DIRECTORY – NewsOnJapan.com – is a news blog posting key headlines about Japan in various categories such as politics, economy, travel, society, etc. Learn more… […]


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