Japan Abroad

Blogs related to Japan related topics outside of Japan

This is a directory of blogs that deal with Japanese stuff outside of Japan (e.g. Japanese living abroad and writing in English) or Japan related events in other countries.


East Meets West Blog – This blog consists of parenting, inspiration, culture, cooking, etc. The author raises 3 children in the US and finds  it very rewarding despite encountering some challenges for living in a foreign country.

Meiji Bunka Institute is aiming to create understanding beetwen Japan and Africa through culture. Learn more…

Mom in Two Cultures An always humorous and sometimes poignant blog by a working mom of three who juggles her career, their bi-cultural Japanese-American life, and the highs and lows of having kids with ASD and severe food allergies. Learn more…

The ExPat Returneth The ExPat Returneth (A Place to Express What You Miss About Living Abroad) was born from the reverse culture shock and homesickness my family and I felt after moving back to the United States from Japan. Learn more…

ITSUMO JAPAN A very nice blog with beautiful pictures, articles and informations about Japan’s culture, arts, food and much more. Learn more…


Sequins and Cherry Blossom
Sequins and cherry blossom A blog about Japan-related events in London and very interesting articles to better understand the Japanese culture. Learn more…


Just Another Day in Japan This blog, written by an American who lived in Japan for 3 years, talks about various cultural facts but also language. Learn more…


Fruit Cake & Nut Case This blog is about the life of a Japanese women married to an American and living in Guam. Learn more…


Cherry Blossom StoriesCherry Blossom Stories This blog is written by a novelist writting stories about Japan. In her blog she talks about culture and life in Japan in general from her own country. Learn more…

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