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List of Blogs about Okinawa Island

Okinawa is an island south of Japan which developed its own very distinguish culture. Okinawa also is a very popular resort since it consists of hundred of islands with beautiful beaches. There are many foreigners on Okinawa – mainly from the US bases – and many write blogs about life and things to do there.

Okinawa Blog Directory

Eating Okinawa is a Japanese food and cooking blog with a spotlight on the southern islands of Okinawa. Each post offers English information and my thoughts about the restaurant, as well as a map and other helpful information. There are no confusing directions or useless English addresses for any particular restaurant, but instead, a Japanese address and a link to a Google map. I find these far more reliable than directions that rely on landmarks that could disappear. Learn more…

Okinawa.com is a blog that provides information about culture and travel of Okinawa. There are many photos from the various islands and festivals as well as a large collection of useful links for people living in or traveling to Okinawa. A large section of the blog is dedicated to research of Okinawa culture which is different of mainland Japan. Learn more…

Mikes Ryukyu Gallery A daily photo blog covering the culture, sights, festivals, nature and wildlife found in the Ryukyu Island chain. Travel and photography tips are provided, along with an occasional rant or twist of humor to keep readers wondering what’s going to happen next. Learn more…

Other Useful sites for Okinawa Travellers

The Okinawa2Go! Project provides tourists from Japan and Foreign countries a safe and enjoyable stay in Okinawa
24hour contact center and tourism information service using smartphone Okinawa2Go! Project

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