Drinks of Japan

This page lists up Japan blogger who write about drinks of Japan such as sake rice wine, Japanese whiskey and many more. Enjoy the blogs as well as the drinks later on.

List of Blogs about Japanese Drinks

Gaijin Tonic– On this site you’ll find reviews and information about weird watering holes, and true stories of booze-induced bad-behaviour and mishaps that I’ve experienced first-hand, or been told by friends, here in the land of the rising beer glass.

Nonjatta has tasting notes on a wide range of Japanese whiskies, reader reviews, bar and shop reports, crib sheets, maps and loads of in-depth articles. This site is probably the most comprehensive source on Japanese single malts for English speakers. Learn more…

The Sake Chronicles  is the blog of a foreigner passionate about drinking and producing sake, the Japanese rice wine. It contains many posts about all aspects of making sake. Learn more…


Urban Sake is a very comprehensive site about nihonshu, Japanese sake rice wine. It has a large sake 101 section and describes a large number of brands and breweries. Urban sake is certainly one of the best sites to understand the world of sake. Learn more…

Tokyo Through the Drinking Glass This blog is a lot about sake but also features other topics such as food in Japan as well as wine. Sake brands and breweries are introduced with nice stories with rich text and many photos. Learn more…

Other useful sites about drinks of Japan

eSake began operations in Dec. 1999 with 11 members, all small family-run Japanese brewers employing traditional brewing methods. In July 2005, one new brewer joined our group. eSake’s mission is to disseminate information about the traditional art of sake brewing and tips on where to buy premium Japanese sake in the USA & elsewhere. We hope to become the one great source of Sake knowledge for English speakers everywhere.

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    http://bentolapinmalin.wordpress.com (French)
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