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Kashiwaya Magazine

Brings you some instructional pieces about Japanese culture, Onsen, Ryokan and more. The author of the blog is Masuo Kashiwabara, owner of Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan (Japanese style small Ryokan). URL: Started on: October 2014 Location: Japan

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Travel in Boots

Travel in Boots was created in 2014 three months after I moved to Japan. I wanted to highlight my slow pace travels around Japan and my new life as a military spouse working as an ESL teacher to Senior High School Students. The idea of my travel lifestyle is budget accommodation but splurging on attractions […]

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Japan Cheapo

Japan Cheapo is a guide getting the best value out of living or travelling in Japan. We started it for all the areas outside Tokyo – currently served by our popular site Tokyo Cheapo. Greg Lane and Chris Kirkland have been blogging on various topics since about 2006 and on Tokyo Cheapo (the sister site to […]

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Best Living Japan

BestLivingJapan offers curated information in Japan for the curious and creative. The author is a long term resident of Japan who just retired from a large Internet company and needed something to do…along with raising her four kids and a dog. URL: Started on: October 2014 Location: Tokyo

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Tokyo Stroller

A guide to navigating Tokyo with Kids. Sharing kid-friendly venues, restaurants and classes. Asian-American wife and mother living in Tokyo with 2 kids. URL: Started on: February 2011 Location: Tokyo

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Japanesquest is a travel-guide website introducing Japan’s coolest and most interesting sightseeing spots with YouTube video (  I am Yusuke, the producer of Japanesquest. Japan is beautiful. I want to share it with you. Simple as that. URL: Started on: Dec 21st, 2013 Location: Kyoto

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Japan Blog: Kanawaza Travel Guides

Kanazawa Travel Guides

Tourism information about Kanazawa written by the local. A tour guide working in Kanazawa. URL: Started on:  14. Jan, 2014 Location: Kanazawa, Japan

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Japan Blog: Yokooso Japan

Yokooso Japan

Japan Tourism Travel Guide Japan Geek , Dream Stay in Japan … URL: Started on: Aug 10, 2014 Location: Japan

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Japan Blog: Cheapo Japan

Cheapo Japan

A guide for traveling in Japan on a budget. Great for backpackers, tourists, ex-pats and students. My name is Matt. I have lived in Japan for over 5 years, mostly in Tokyo. I often travel around Japan, and love hot springs and Japanese curry! URL: Started: Sep 28, 2013 Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Ridgeline Images

New Blog: Ridgeline Images “This is a photography site exploring the hiking trails and outdoors of Japan mostly focused on day outings and less frequented trails surrounding Tokyo. The aim of the site is to share my hiking experiences and provide some inspiration for others to enjoy the many trails offered on Tokyo’s doorstep.” URL: Category: […]

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