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Cool Japan – Introducing Japan to the world

This blog is all about Japanese culture, life in Japan, news of Japan as well as Anime, food and music. The author was born in Japan and now lives in the US. URL: Start Date: 2014/09/30 Location: USA

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Japan Realm

Defining the beauty of Japanese culture one category at a time! Japan’s history, technology, cosplay, anime, cuisine, fashion, places of interest, and oddities all combined into one English blog. (No adult content) Palma Langley, better known as Palma-san is the creator and primary writer of English-Japanese site Japan Realm. He loves to inform, humor, and […]

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Japan Blog: Japan Daily Press

The Japan Daily Press

New Blog: The Japan Daily Press The task and mission of the Japan Daily Press is to engage Asia and the World with a never-ceasing flow of news and editorials on various facets of Japan. We plan to keep our readers up-to-date on Japanese politics, economy, society, and culture with our daily news. We also […]

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Japan Blog: Jochen Legewie Blog

Jochen Legewie Blog

On 11 April 2011 and thus exactly one month after the huge Tohoku earthquake I have decided to start this blog to monitor the next months and years and share the developments in Japan (with a focus on business and communication issues). A huge challenge lies before all of us in Japan. But it is […]

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Japan Blog: News on Japan

News on Japan – is a news blog posting key headlines about Japan in various categories such as politics, economy, travel, society, etc. News On Japan was established in 1999 and has become a leading portal for Japan-related news in English. Our 24/7 streaming news provides a vital source of information for businesses and travelers in the Asia-Pacific […]

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Japan Blog: Japan Security Watch

Japan Security Watch

Japan Security Watch covers Japanese defense and security issues. We cover everything from constitutional issues to new weapons systems and procurement. Particular emphasis on the changing security climate in East Asia, so-called “normalization” issues, and Japan’s expanding role in the world. JSW is written and edited in Japan, New Zealand and the United States by […]

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