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Jenna no Manga! ジェナの漫画!

The webcomic blog of a french woman married to a japanese man in Japan. I also share videos of our life there. In April 2015 I will celebrate my 10 years in Japan. Now married and a stay at home mother I like to make comics and videos about my life here . URL: Started on: […]

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Your Japan Now

Il Giappone che cercavi, notizie, informazioni importanti, recensioni e destinazioni. Cultura, figure e molto altro dal Giappone.  I have been in japan many times, are already 12 years I go to japan and with my blog I want share this experience, information and news about japan to italian people. Give a taste of japan for […]

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Japan Blog: Actu Bonsai

Actu Bonsai

ActuBonsaï est un blog multi-auteur traitant du bonsaï, des voyages au Japon et des arts traditionnels japonais, entre autre : le sumi-e, les kusamono et shitakusa, la céramique… Vous trouverez également quelques articles sur la cuisine japonaise, ma seconde passion. Passionné de bonsaï, j’ai eu la chance de découvrir la culture et les arts traditionnels […]

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Japan Blog: Anomedyum


Reviews of anime series, movies. Like to watch and write about anime, still in learning process after 8 years URL: Start Date: 2009 Location: Turkey

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Japan Blog: Publicidad Japon

Publicidad Japon

Publicidad Japón 日本宣伝 es un blog personal donde escribo sobre publicidad y comunicación japonesa. Siento pasión por Japón y su cultura. Siempre que puedo me escapo una o dos semanas a Tokio para inspirarme, relajarme y disfrutar de su gastronomía. Realmente me siento como en casa. En el año 2007 aterricé en Tokio por primera […]

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Japon, Cultura y Arte

Japon, cultura y arte

Blog about Japanese arts and culture and especially dedicated to the arts of Japan, from ceramics, painting, architecture to gardens. URL: Start Date: April, 2013 Location: Spain About this Japan blogger Javier Vives is architect and author of “El teatro japonés y las artes plásticas”, Satori ed., 2010; “Japón y su arte”, 3 volumes, e-book, Amazon, 1013 […]

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MIrando Hacia Japon

Mirando Hacia Japon

Mirando hacia Japón is a blog about Japanese culture in general. Ancient Japan, Japan Today, customs, traditions and disciplines. URL: Start Date: April 6, 2012 Location: Argentina About this Japan blogger I am aikidoka, interested in Japanese culture since childhood. Today, my goal is to know Japanese culture to the fullest. I’m currently studying Japanese and next […]

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Japon Total

Japón Total

Lo mejor de Japón en español. Cultura, manga & anime, videojuegos, tecnología y ¡muchas cosas más del país del sol naciente! Cambiando el estereotipo de Geek. URL: Start Date: December 11, 2010 Location: Spain About this Japan blogger Roberto Da Silva Fundador y Editor en Jefe de Japón Total desde Diciembre del 2010. Es el encargado de dirigir, […]

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Miranda Loves Travelling

Rilanciare il turismo in Giappone è uno degli obiettivi del nostro blog. Però, per poter viaggiare in modo intelligente, serve sempre una guida e noi ci proponiamo di essere la vostra. Tuttavia, a differenza delle guide standard, miriamo a presentare aspetti delle società e delle culture di tutto il mondo che spesso vengono tralasciati. Il […]

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Nihon no Sakura

Deep and detailed travel diary. Photographies of Japan. Resources, ideas and advices to travel. Japanese culture and language. Sushi and Japanese food. In Spanish language. URL: Start Date: April, 2010 Location: Spain About this Japan blogger Creator, composer, teacher and music lover. Passionate about Japan. I have been there twice and I hope to return as soon […]

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