Blogs on Japan in Italian

Japan related blogs in italiano

This is a directory of blogs about Japan in Italian language.

List of Italian blogs about Japan

il diritto c’è, ma non si vede – is the first Italian blog on Japanese law. It deals with all the aspects of Japan related to the law (constitutional, civil, criminal, administrative… no field is excluded) and its role in Japanese society. The language of the posts is Italian. Comments in English are accepted. Learn more…

La curve dell’energia di legame Senior Researcher in Italian INFN – National Institute of Nuclear physics, and RIKEN team leader. Involved in various experiments on satellites and on the space station, involving astrophysics and dosimetry/radiation measurements on the astronauts. He writes about science, technology and – unfortunately – radiation and the Fukushima accident. Learn more…

Il. Diario. Di. Laura ラウラの日記 This blog is about the author’s life in Tuscany, Italia. With very nice Italian food recipes and beautiful landscape we discover Italy in both Italian and Japanese. Learn more…


Sonatine This blog is about Japanese modern cinema and dramas. With over 100’000 reviews this blog is the perfect source for good informations on Japan cinema. Learn more …


Miranda Loves TravellingMiranda Loves Travelling This blog is written in Italian and resume the travels of the author, a large part of them in Japan but also in other countries. Learn more…


Biblioteca GiapponeseBiblioteca Giapponese A blog about Japanese literature and culture from traditional to modern approaches of the subject. A great site for Japan lovers. Learn more…

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