Blogs about the Tohoku Earthquake

List of blogs related to the 3/11 earthquake in Japan

There are a couple of blogs that dedicate themselves to document the 3/11 natural disaster or whose authors write about the reconstruction and support activities.

3/11 Tohoku earthquake blog list

Ayudando in Japon – This blog in Spanish regularly posts about the current situation in the areas affected by the natural disaster as well as the impact on Japanese society such as suicide rates.

Kanagawa Notebook is devoted to thoughts and reflections on life in Japan since the 3-11 triple disaster. Each post contains photos, videos, and links as well as my commentary, so the reader can dig a little deeper into the good stuff. This blog aims to make you think, make you feel, make you laugh (at least one laugh per post, I guarantee, with very few exceptions), make you cry (depending on your temperament), and goad you into action! Learn more…

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