Blogs about Japanese Bento Lunchboxes

List of Blogs about Japanese Bento Lunchboxes

Japanese o-bento lunch boxes are an art by themselves. The boxes as week as the food arrangement and the decoration provide endless ways to create wonderful and yummy lunch boxes. No wonder that many bloggers picked up this great topic.

Bento Lunchbox Blog Directory

Adventures in Bentomaking is about Japanese style bento lunch boxes , providing bento novices and bento experts alike with a structure that makes it easy to search for ideas for your own bento lunches. Without a doubt, one of the best parts of the online bento community is its openness to the sharing of food creativity. Many members of the bento community look to each other for inspiration and recipes, with copying being a most sincere form of flattery. Learn more…

Just Bento is dedicated to the subject of healthy, simple bento lunches, some traditionally Japanese, some not so traditional. The focus is on bentos for health and weight-conscious adults, but many of the recipes and methods are applicable to bentos for all ages. The site was established in October 2007, and has rapidly grown to be one of the top destinations for people interested in bentos or obentos (お弁当)in English. Learn more…

Bento: Newest ObsessionBento: Newest Obsession This blog talks about Bento lunches but also meal planning and recipes. The author is base in the USA thus it is interesting to see how and where she finds her supplies and ideas. Learn more…

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