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The Japanese way of flower arrangement Ikebana became famous around the world. It is no wonder that numerous bloggers dedicated their writing to share their experiences and achievements practicing Ikebana.

List of blogs related to Japanese ikebana

Ikebana and Us – This is the blog of a Sogetsu study group in Chennai India. 4 contributors regularly share pictures and short descriptions of their Ikebana works. Learn more…

The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog – This is a nice blog from Norway about Sogetsu style Ikebana. It features many pictures from Ikebana exhibitions occasionally accompanied by poems. Learn more…

A Year of Ikebana is about discovering whether or not an arrangement a day will keep the doctors away. In other words, how will the practice of Ikebana help with the maintenance of chronic illness and the promotion of well-being in an individual who has not yet found the right balance in their day-to-day life. Learn more…

Orchids & Ikebana – Lynn shares her passion for orchids and sogetsu style ikebana on her blog. It shows the pictures of walks where she gets inspired and finds material first and then shares the resulting ikebana arrangement with us. Learn more…

Sharon Stuart is a master of Shogetsu Ikebana and she posts her own and her student’s students works with photos and nice explanations. Learn more…


Hanamai, the ikebana blog A Blog about the journey in learning and mastering the art of Ikebana in Japan. With beautiful pictures of Ikebana works. Learn more…


Ikebana opens door to Japan Ikebana opens door to JapanA very complete blog on Ikebana telling us more about the origin of this art, its practice and of course pictures of the Ikebana work realized by the author. Learn more…

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