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Japan Blog: Totoro Times

Totoro Times

This blog is a magazine of beautiful photos and place to visit in Japan, but it is also a place where you will discover another side of Japan. Living in Tokyo for a few years now, the author has gradually started photography. He is now chasing down with is camera Japan’s odd places but also […]

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Japan Blog: Bebe Taian

Bebe Taian

Japanese culture + musings, notes on traditional calendars, motifs, and other practices. A hopeless gaijin and kimono collector, with a special interest in Taisho-era textiles and society. I blog as a way of teaching myself, picking topics at random sometimes and then dedicating to learning more about them. URL: Start Date: November 1, 2010 Location: Florida, USA

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Tabi Tabi Izu Blog

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Tabi Tabi Izu Blog Event announcements, restaurant reviews, travel recommendations, and area information for Shimoda and the rest of the Izu Peninsula. URL: Category: Travel Japan Start Date: March 10, 2011 Location: Shimoda, Izu, Japan About this Japan blogger Angela lives in Shimoda for the sunnier part of the year […]

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Click a Japan


My  name is Farah.  I am a Filipina living in Japan. My hobby is taking photos of almost anything … Click-a is the sound of the camera shutter, or the Click-a of your pc mouse…  😛 Photographs and paragraphs …  that  is the theme of  this blog. Will also be writing some stuff about my […]

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Anime Aura

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Anime Aura Reviews of anime (episodic and as a whole series), manga and occasional news blasts. URL: Category: Anime & Manga Start Date: August 20, 2011 Location: – About this Japan blogger sintaku – created the blog, currently taking time off azeriraz- current author of the blog Recent Posts Jormungand […]

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Die Knoblauchkatze


A Blog about Japanese Culture, Cuisine, but also about my personal life in Switzerland URL: Start Date: December 16, 2010 Location: Switzerland About this Japan blogger I’m a curious cat from Switzerland, bewitched by everything beautiful. While travelling in Japan I discovered an immense beauty within the lifestyle, mentality and nature of this country. With contrast being […]

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Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Otacute Otacute blog offer to its readers a large content about the japanese anime/manga figures, the japanese culture and events hold in Japan. Our blog is weekly updated. In order to ensure a good quality of information, our content is always checked before publication. URL: Category:  Anime & […]

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Japan, Learn Japanese, Japanese Culture

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Japan, Learn Japanese, Japanese Culture This blog began as a way to teach Japanese to the people, but soon started to change and now it’s more about the Japanese culture. Why? Because when you begin to study Japanese you begin to fall in love with the Japanese culture […]

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Kansai Gaijin

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Kansai Gaijin A fun perspective on travels in Japan from an American studying abroad. Focus on shrines and temples, shopping districts, and random cultural experiences during a 9 month-long stay in the middle of Kyoto and Osaka. URL: Category: Foreigners & Japan Start Date: August, 2011 Location: Osaka, Japan About […]

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Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Quizoxy Art, architecture, anime, music (mostly by Japanese creators) I also blog about my own sketches, drawings, paintings. Every first day of month is cats day where I feature a post full of cats contents. URL: Category: Anime & Manga Start Date: December 19, 2011 Location: Singapore About this Japan […]

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