About US

With the JAPAN BLOG DIRECTORY we want to contribute of the community of Japan fans. We strive to make it a place where you can find information on nearly all aspects of Japan.

This directory is managed by NIHON ICHIBAN, a leading shop for authentic Japanese products.

5 Responses to “About US”

  1. I love this web, I hope I can cook many japanesse food…then I can found japanesse husband haha lol


  2. I’m blogger from Indonesia.
    actually i love Japanese culture.
    emezing country with Huge Spirit


  3. Every attempt to have my blog listed failes. What am I doing wrong ?


  4. Hello,
    I am also trying to list my blog, but for some reason I can`t, any help? cheers


    • Hello,

      I am sorry you couldn’t register your blog please send the following information to this address : order@chinriu.com
      -Email (we will not publish it)
      -Your Blog’s website
      -Category (the category in which you will be classified doesn’t always match)
      -Start Date of your blog
      -Current Location
      -Description of your blog
      -About the blogger



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