Discover Japan


In my blog I write about various topics on Japan, such as arts, culture, language, cuisine, society, and travel from a perspective of a Japanese. My hope is to help you learn about my country, a beautiful land of unique cultures.

My name is Yumi. I’m Japanese, and I live in Aomori, Japan.

I was born and raised in Japan, but I left for the U.S to attend college at the age of 19. Since then I’ve been explaining to Americans about Japan and to Japanese about America.

Recently I moved back home. Having lived in the U.S for nearly a half of my life, I am seeing my country through a new lens. I’m rediscovering it with the help of my American husband whose curiosity gives me an opportunity to look deeper at my own culture and background.


Starting Date: August 2013

Location: Aomori, Japan

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