My Everyday Japan


Japanese girl in her twenties writes about her everyday life in Japan. Food, life, a bit of history, useful Japanese phrases. The aim is to share Japan from the local’s perspective. Recently returned from spending almost 10 years in the US, UK and Singapore. Recently went back to being a full time student, currently a first year medical student in the greater Tokyo area at a Japanese university. (and yes all my classmates are teenagers! :D)

It’s been lovely coming back to my home country and rediscovering its quirky, beautiful, fun, and hectic lifestyle and its people. I was inspired to start a blog and share what an everyday life in Japan was like because of the misconceptions shared by many of my overseas’ friends about Japan.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog! I’d appreciate any feedback and comments you may have.


Started on: November 6th, 2014

Location: Yokohama, Japan

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