A Kiwi’s take on the incomprehensible that is Japan. The more I think I know the less I seem to understand. New Zealander by nationality, High School Teacher by profession, teaching both Japanese and English in a private school in Japan.Have returned to Japan after a 16 year stint away. I lived here for 10 years from 1987 through to 1997. Now it’s 2013 and I’m back. I am reasonably fluent in Japanese and have numerous Japanese friends most of whom are not terribly Japanese.With age apparently comes wisdom. I am not sure I know and understand Japan any better than in my younger days. I have come to the conclusion my wisdom is in the realization that the more I know from a linguistic point of view the less I actually understand about the Japanese people and their way of thinking.I hope to share my confusion and bafflement over things Japanese, have the odd rant and vent some pent up gaijin frustration while having a bit of a laugh, at my own expense more likely than not.


Started on: 01/04/2013

Location: Japan

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