Your Japan Now


Il Giappone che cercavi, notizie, informazioni importanti, recensioni e destinazioni. Cultura, figure e molto altro dal Giappone. 

I have been in japan many times, are already 12 years I go to japan and with my blog I want share this experience, information and news about japan to italian people. Give a taste of japan for that one never been there or for have been or want go , and have more information.


Started on: 18/10/2014

Location: Italy

2 Responses to “Your Japan Now”

  1. The site is interesting and can founf information helpful for your trip or only for your curiosity about this wonderfull country


  2. Going to Japan is a great experience, and sharing your story with your Italian friends so that they can have a glimpse of what’s it like to visit or live in Japan is a noble endeavor. It takes time to write about your story as well as skill in making it enjoyable and easy to read. Hope that a lot of your friends enjoyed your blog and learned a lot about Japan!


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