Blog of Japan


Living in Tokyo as a foreigner is not easy when we just arrive, lot of new things to learn ! So i thought it would be interesting to share all the things i learnt to make new comers’ life easier. There are also so many interesting things in this wonderful country so it would be a shame to miss them because nobody told us ! That is what for this blog is made, to show the richness of Japan and share useful information for the everyday life.

I arrived some years ago in Japan with the goal to find a job and settle down, few years after it’s thing done, i`m now enjoying my life in Japan and i want to share all the things i learnt until now (and the one i will discover) with other people.


Started on: October 2008

Location: Tokyo

One Response to “Blog of Japan”

  1. Being a foreigner in Japan is no joke! I’m one right now!


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