Wander In Japan

Wander in Japan

I like to call my blog a “sentimental blog” since it’s not about travel tips or clues or instructions on how to travel around Japan, but each entry is a personal report of my inner feelings and sensations related to places I’ve been to. This way, I hope I can transpose to my readers what I felt and to make ’em feel the same even in front of a computer.

About this Japan blogger

I’m Paolo, 39 y/o, from Roma, Italy. I’ve always had a passion for Japan, but the real addiction began in February 2010 when I had my first trip to Japan. After that one, I came back to Japan ten more times… and sometimes even for just a weekend! I’m studying japanese language since I hope one day I could move to Japan for good… after all, home isn’t the place where you feel more comfortable in.

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