KA International Mothers in Japan

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KA International Mothers in Japan


Kajapan.org is a WORLD FIRST non-profit blog on Japan, run by foreigners, for foreigners. It is a spin-off of a Facebook community of foreigners spread across Japan, all with one thing in common; family. Every one of the 300+ members is raising or is part of a family or quasi-family in Japan. We come from different countries and
every walk of life imaginable. The main language is English, but between us we have at least ten languages.
This innovative blog on Japan offers a unique FREE service to all its readers. Ask a question on the AsKA Mom/Mum page and the question will be put to all 300 members and in due course a response with a
summation of the answers will be posted. The blog also offers lots of interesting articles and free resources including recommendations, all from foreign Moms or Dads or grandparents, surviving in Japan “with humor, tears and a lot of help from each other”. Stop by and discover an uncovered Japan!!

About this Japan blogger

kajapan.org is the brain child of Erinn LaMattery and is managed by a team of 7 volunteers. The main author at this time is Stacey Takahashi with regular contributions from Jennifer Shinkai and Jana Moore, who looks after the AskA Mom section. Danielle Shibano looks after all things technical while Jennifer Chau Gong manages the Facebook page.
Lynda Hogan helps out with Internet Marketing. We are all foreign Moms living in Japan. However, this is very much a project of a larger community of 300 “foreigners” from over 27 countries, all living in Japan, who contribute to the articles and ideas for the blog.

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2 Responses to “KA International Mothers in Japan”

  1. Thanks for adding us Sophie, our members are very excited to be listed on your esteemed directory.

    the KA Japan community


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