Over A Hedge

Over A Hedge

Over a Hedge attempts to connect the threads that link historical and contemporary Japan to the world. This broad mission statement allows me to blog about traditional and pop culture, covering everything from biwa music to the latest ninja-themed board game. There is a heavy travel flavour to the blog as well, with an emphasis on “off the beaten path” gems. The post tags are well organized, so chances are if you find a post you like, it will be easy to track down a similar subset in a hurry.

About this Japan blogger

I lived in Japan for two years in the late 90s and have returned three times since with more trips to come. Blogging about Japan has given me an opportunity to maintain my connection to the country and meet like minded people from around the world. I have also written a historical novel set in Japan that is planned for publication in 2013. The novel re-imagines the life of Ishikawa Jozan, the builder of Shisendo in Kyoto. You can learn more about Shisendo, Ishikawa, and the novel at my website, http://www.travisbelrose.ca.

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