Cherry Blossom Stories

Cherry Blossom Stories

My blog focuses on Japanese culture, food, friendship, literature, trends, fashion, style, design, customs & traditions, travel advice and my own personal experiences. It also features competitions and updates on my books and short stories. I’m a novelist and writer of Japanese fiction and non-fiction and the author of ‘Tokyo Hearts: A Japanese Love Story’.

Renae Lucas-Hall is an Australian born British novelist and writer. She spent years studying French, Italian and Japanese because she loves languages and she always wanted to be an interpreter, a teacher or a writer. Renae later graduated from university with a degree in Japanese language and culture. She went on to live in Tokyo for two years, where she taught English. Renae has continued to work with the Japanese for many years. Ten years ago, Renae also completed an Advanced Diploma of Business. Over the past twenty years, Renae has enjoyed visiting Japan many times for work or as a tourist. She continues to love reading and writing anything and everything about Japan. Renae now lives in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom with her husband. You can read more about Renae Lucas-Hall, her books and her writing at

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