Just Another Day in Japan

A  general Japan blog about the language and culture from the perspective of an American who lived and worked near Osaka for three years. The weird, the mundane, and all that in between.

About this Japan blogger

My name is Paul, but I also go by Blue Shoe or Blue Kutsu. I’m an American originally from New York, currently living and working in Maryland in the U.S. My first real exposure to Japanese culture, aside from eating sushi and doing some judo as a kid, was studying Japanese in college. I studied abroad in Tokyo twice, graduated, and then went to work as an ALT on the JET Program in Hyogo prefecture near Osaka. I was there for 3 years and am now doing my best to build a life here in the States and retain as much of a connection to Japan as I can.

I started this blog back in July of 2009 to crowd the internet with yet one more niche blog about Japan. Along with several periodic contributors and guest bloggers, I’m doing my best to bring you a variety of Japan-related content on a regular to semi-regular basis.

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