Tubby Gaijin

The Blog of a web designer living and traveling in Japan. With posts on photography, video games and Gundam.

About this Japan blogger

I’m James, a twentysomething Digital Designer living in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa. I started this site in Early 2008(a few months after my first visit to Japan) to write about my experiences during my short time there plus my continued interest in the culture and all things geek.My interest in Japan goes all the way back to secondary school geography. We spent a term studying the country, spending a number of weeks looking in detail at the Japan’s natural resources (or lack thereof), exports and economics and how this shaped the country. I was 13 at the time and had never set foot outside of the UK, studying somewhere so far away and different to anything I’d ever experienced left a real lasting impression on me.It wasn’t until over a decade later that I got to experience Japan for myself, it was everything I expected and more, the sights, the food, the history, it all enthralled me. I’ve been lucky enough to visit three times, and I now live in the Kansai region. During my third trip in Christmas 2009 I got married  in Kyoto on Christmas Eve.

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