Sosekido is an introduction to Japanese calligraphy. I started calligraphy when I was 13 and have a 5 Dan. In this site, I present my works and projects I´m experimenting. Sosekido is also a Japanese calligraphy school, currently located in Berlin, Germany.
Through Sosekido, I like many people to be interested in calligraphy outside of Japan.

About the Author

I´m a Japanese calligrapher who started learning calligraphy with a master when I was 13. I have 5 Dan and started teaching it in Madrid in 2010. Calligraphy is one of the Japanese traditional culture and arts but each year, less people are interested to learn it inside Japan. I think the calligraphy is a good training to unite your body and mind, also has a relaxation effect. And this is what I like to transmit to my student as well as the technique.

One Response to “Sosekido”

  1. ニース情報の記事。あなたは素晴らしい日本のブログを通じて、より多くのを見つけることができます


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