The Japan! Japan ! Blog

The Japan! Japan! Blog is a blog that is 99.9% in English where I talk about my life as a graduate student in Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan. I talk about food, Nihongo, Japanese culture, some difficulties I encounter, and many more. I have my own 2-part “Welcome to Japan” piece that might be helpful to people coming to Japan for the first time. The first part of my blog was in 2005 when I spent two months here. In 2010, I came back, this time on a 3-year stint. I’ve been here in Japan for over two years now. I hope to continue this blog even after I leave a year from now, to continue to focus on all things Japan. I also have videos (i.e. from my “The Japan! Japan! Video Blog”) posted on the website.
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  • Start Date: April 2005~June 2005, April 2010 ~ Present
  • Location: Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan

About this Japan blogger

I’m an engineer, graduate student, and blogger, and Filipino by nationality.

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