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New Blog: Tadaimatte Japan

“I returned from living abroad in Japan a little more than a year ago, and have found the adjustment back to life in Canada a little difficult. Since then, I’ve been looking for ways to connect with my life in Japan and put some of the reverse culture shock and homesickness to rest. I practice yosakoi dancing, volunteer with exchange students and write for Japan Tourist, and from time to time I pen short stories as well. I felt, why not share some of these struggles, and document some of my memories from Osaka? Thus the creation of this blog. I hope everyone – lifers, JETS, ex-expats and Japan hopefuls alike – will find something close to home in my writings.”

About this Japan blogger

“I enjoy a large range of hobbies, from writing to basketball to cooking to dancing. I have written an as-yet unpublished YA novel about Japan and hope someday to become an author. In the meanwhile, I study several languages and work as a volunteer with a youth exchange programme. I live in Toronto, Canada, and spend a lot of time travelling (but not time-travelling, sadly).”

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