Chasing the Techno-Orient

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New Blog: Chasing the Techno-Orient

A scholarly look at the role of technology in anime/manga and Japanese society/culture.

About this Japan blogger

My name is James Cripps. In 2010, I completed my honours degree in media. My thesis was titled ‘Rave Culture: Two Perspectives.’ It was a combination of an exegesis and a script that looked at the ontological and experiential dimensions of the rave, respectively. I have been an avid fan of anime and Japanese culture for years with particular interest in cyberpunk, the films of Mamoru Oshii, and mecha. I have also been a film critic for and I love film with particular interest in Asian cinema, film noir, studio-era Hollywood and New Hollywood of the 1970s. I have hopes of one day becoming a screenwriter and have recently completed a short film in which I was writer/producer.

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