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New Blog: Thumbnail Library

This site is an underground sightseeing site. We publish video of minor spots in Japan to the world. Thumbnail Library means a chip of little picture. You click it and can watch Japan world by it. You can request us if you want to watch somewhere in Japan.

About this Japan blogger

I am working as programmer. I am making web site, database system and smart phone applications every day. I was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. There is a lot of nature all around. I came to Tokyo 15 year ago. I saw variety of places in Tokyo. I think many people, from all around the world, want to see landscapes of Japan. I take pictures and movies in Japan with the material I just bought a year ago. But It is not artistic because I am not a photographer. I just hope that if you want to see Japan, I can provide you with some pictures and movies on this site.

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