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While I’m working in Japan I plan to focus on spending all of my earnings on traveling around Asia.  Prior to coming to Japan I had no experience with foreign travel, not even Canada.  I have only truly explored 6 or 7 states, but by the time I return to America I plan to be a highly experienced traveler.  Within the next year, I will be going to Vietnam and India, but with any luck I will also see South Korea and parts of China.  In the meantime, I will be traveling all over Japan to areas ranging from Okinawa to Hokkaido and everything in between.  I’ve seen a number of areas in Japan already, but it’s a big country with a lot of history and I plan to capture as much as a person can.

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Recently graduated from the University with a degree in economics and Japanese language/culture. The author is currently living in Japan teaching English to students ranging from 4-60+ years old. While planning to master the Japanese language along with traveling around most parts of southern and eastern Asia.

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