Viva la Highstreet!

Addition to Japan Blog Directory

New Blog: Viva  la Highstreet!

Welcome to my world of high-street fashion in Japan!!!!!

The reason nah reasons I started this blog is firstly because this blog is sort of an amalgamation of my three hobbies

  1. clothes and shoes and make up and  bags
  2. clicking pictures of others as well as  mine
  3. writing…ok so I have dabbled in a little bit of professional writing for a newspaper in India. I was a teenager that time but so what!!!I still carry my only claim to fame aka my articles with me on all the job interviews.

Secondly though even I am a hotelier by profession and have an MBA in the making(I am finally done with my final exams) I still cannot work in Japan because I don’t know the Japanese language(learning though)…so I have plenty of time at my disposal!!!

Thirdly I find my style of dressing very boring, no actually very basic and blah!So I am trying to take more risks and dress more with an edge slowly and steadily.The whole blogging community is my inspiration.

About this Japan blogger

I am 28, married, Indian, staying in Osaka, Japan since last 1 year with my hotelier husband.

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