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New Blog: Aussie On The Izu

After revamping the website in February 2012, this blog now serves as a space for my ruminations on life, travel and Japanese culture . At first, my goal was to make the website a memento of my time on the JET Programme but I have found that I enjoy dispensing advice and travel tips so I am hoping it will become something more. Join me as I discuss life on the Izu Peninsula under the shadow of iconic Mt. Fuji!

About this Japan blogger

I’m a 26-year-old Australian, female participant on the JET Programme. I began my tenure on the JET Programme in March of 2011, just one week after the big Tohoku Earthquake that hit the northern prefectures of Japan’s mainland. My experience of Japan has been very different from other JETs but I have tried to learn and grow from my experiences. Now I am planning what to do with the rest of my time in Japan, thinking about what I want to do with my life, and trying to set up a reasonably successful blog about Japan (amidst the baffling cacophony of similar blogs already doing just that). One of my aims in life is to be a (travel) writer or editor.

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