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New Blog: Ariake Aggie

What was once a blog about the joys and frustrations of teaching in Japan has shifted to one largely concerned with Japanese pop-culture as I’ve experienced it. Japan holds a special place in my heart and there are still many stories to tell.

About this Japan blogger

I lived in Japan for two years, teaching English at the junior high and elementary levels. Since my return to America, I’ve started taking steps to become a teacher, with the hope to one day return to ESL instruction.

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  1. I enjoy the humorous chrracteas’ expessions (especially the whole flooring thing) as well as the humorous exaggeration of Japanese customs, the artwork, and the J-Pop and J-rock music as well as original theme music. Other then those unique things, I find that a lot of anime I’ve watched entertains me with plenty of action ( Ki Blasts, spirit energy weapons, etc ) and great storylines.


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