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Ariake Aggie

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Ariake Aggie What was once a blog about the joys and frustrations of teaching in Japan has shifted to one largely concerned with Japanese pop-culture as I’ve experienced it. Japan holds a special place in my heart and there are still many stories to tell. URL: Category: Japanese […]

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Itadakimasu Japan!

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Itadakimasu Japan! Japan cooking videos directory URL: Category: Japanese Food Start Date: 2011 Location: – About this Japan blogger My goal is to archive all video recipes about japan gastronomie. The blog is brand new but updated daily. Recent Posts –

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Japan Blog: 360 NISEKO

360niseko – Explore anywhere and find anything in Niseko

Snow reports, snow sports, radiation levels other things about Niseko. There are three authors: – Glen, local Niseko photographer and writer – Pablo, developer of the website who also does a little writing – Ben, producer and writer URL: Start Date: October 2011 Location: Niseko, Japan

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Lifeyou TV – Video from Japan – Discover the real Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Lifeyou TV – Video from Japan A website to discover the real Japan through videos and pictures.  You can watch videos from different places in Japan, or thing from daily life. URL: Category: Travel Japan Start Date: December 2009 Location: Tokyo, Japan About this Japan blogger Jonathan is a brit […]

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Julie Learns Japanese – Ikimasho!

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Julie Learns Japanese – Ikimasho! My adventures in learning Japanese and my love affair with Japanese culture, history, pop culture…From the day I fell in love with Toshiro Mifune-san to the day I found myself singing children’s songs in Japanese class with my fellow adult white non-native speakers…From […]

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Life in Japan – Comics about life in Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Life in Japan Daily comic strips about life in Japan. URL: Category: Foreigners & Japan Start Date: December 2011 Location: Ibaraki, Japan About this Japan blogger I’ve been living in Japan, teaching English, studying Japanese, and drawing comics since 2004. …blogging since, 2011. Recent Posts January 18 January 17 January […]

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Japanese Cuisine – History, Recipes & Tips

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Japanese Cuisine This blog tells you all you need to know about Japanese food. URL: Category: Japanese Food Start Date: February 16, 2012 Location: Japan About this Japan blogger I am a chef and would love to spread the world about Japanese food around. Recent Posts What I discovered about […]

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The Girl in Translation

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: The Girl in Translation Often when I explain that, come March, I will be leaving the nest and flying to live thousands of miles away in a country I have only had the pleasure to visit once, many are often awed and even inspired. I find this surprising, for […]

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With Aloha from Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: With Aloha from Japan A collection of thoughts, opinions, adventures (and/or misadventures) of a Hawaii girl and her husband during their time in Japan.  The blog covers topics such as food, travel, shopping, sightseeing and any other topic of interest to the author. URL: Category: Foreigners & Japan […]

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Mom in Two Cultures

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Mum in Two Cultures An always humorous and sometimes poignant blog by a working mom of three who juggles her career, their bi-cultural Japanese-American life, and the highs and lows of having kids with ASD and severe food allergies. URL: Category: Japan Abroad Start Date: February, 2011 Location: Indiana, USA […]

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