Zooming Japan

Zoooming Japan does what the title implies. It zooms Japan, bringing it closer to everybody and offering a lot of details about the country.

As the author lives in the countryside, it gives you a different insight! Japan is not just the big cities!
The website focuses on traveling in Japan, but also has a lot of other interesting information concerning daily life (e.g. how to obtain a Japanese driver’s license) and culture.  Stay tuned while all the trips from early 2008-now will be presented with a lot of information and tons of photos!

“I’m a German woman who arrived in Japan in early 2008. I’ve been blogging about Japan ever since 2006, mainly in English and Japanese. “Zooming Japan” is my new project and a more professional approach where I want to bring all the information and photos together that I gathered in the past few years and hopefully those of future trips as well.”

3 Responses to “Zooming Japan”

  1. Great blog from a real Japanophile! The pictures are beautiful and the commentary interesting, informative and comprehensive. Great for travelers and natives alike! 5 stars!!!


  2. I really enjoy this blog and its wonderful photos!


  3. A great blog and definitely one to follow on Japan.


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