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Japanesque Accents

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Japanesque Accents Symbolism and Motifs found in the Japanese Arts URL: Category: Japanese Culture Start Date: July 7, 2010 Location: Southern California, USA About this Japan blogger Owner of Japanesque Accents–specializing in Japanese themed quilted wall hangings and personal gift items made from imported Japanese fabrics. Recent Posts Japanese kites […]

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Life of a Foreign Hachikin

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Travel Japan “I write about my daily life in Kochi prefecture, Japan, the punk music scene around Shikoku, my own band, my travels, food, and art.” URL: Category: Foreigners & Japan Start Date: August, 2010 Location: Kochi prefecture, Japan About this Japan blogger “I am a 23 year old Chicago […]

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Japan Blog: Zooming Japan

Zooming Japan

Zoooming Japan does what the title implies. It zooms Japan, bringing it closer to everybody and offering a lot of details about the country. As the author lives in the countryside, it gives you a different insight! Japan is not just the big cities! The website focuses on traveling in Japan, but also has a lot of […]

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Mums and Kids in Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Mums and Kids in Japan Hoping daily based information and tips make mums and kids life more enjoyable in Japan. This is a real life of Japanese mother who struggles but enjoys the most with cheeky monkey, lovely child. URL: Category: Japanese & Japan Start Date: April, 2011 Location: Tokyo, […]

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A Dream of Tokyo

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: A Dream of Tokyo A Dream of Tokyo is about all things Yumeko loves. It covers topics as shopping in Japan, traveling, eating & cooking, ball-jointed dolls aka beds, sewing, manga & anime, make-up & skin care, anything gyaru as well as jpop & kpop URL: Category: Japanese […]

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写真 (shashin) in Love

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Japan Blog: Shashin in Love Italian photographer deeply in love with Japan, I share my photos (in Japanese shashin) and my experiences in Japan. I love Japanese art, culture, elegance, literature, music, tradition, food, people and mostly, beautiful women. URL: Category: Japan Photo Blogs Start Date: March 22, 2011 Location: […]

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La curva dell’energia di legame

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: La curva dell’energia di legame “Blog in italian on science, technology and – unfortunately – radiation and  the Fukushima accident.” URL: Category: Japan Blogs in Italian Start Date: June, 2011 Location: Saitama, Japan About this Japan blogger Senior Researcher in Italian INFN – National Institute of Nuclear physics, and RIKEN team leader. […]

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Comer Japonés – Adictos a comer Japonés

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Comer Japonés es un punto de encuentro para todos los adictos a comer japonés. Aunque también podría definirse como una Guía de Restaurantes y muchas cosas más. Empezó como un blog personal donde Roger Ortuño iba volcando sus restaurantes japoneses y platos preferidos (para no olvidarlos) pero, con el paso de los […]

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An Englishman in Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: An Englishman in Japan “My blog allows me to combine some of the things I like doing best – writing, photography and travel. My daughter set it up for me as a way to share my experiences with friends and family at home, but my objectives keep growing. […]

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Evening Lanterns

Addition to Japan Blog Directory New Blog: Evening Lanterns “From England to Japan to the Prairies of Canada and back to Japan again. Exploring all things artsy to the ugly in a cultural way. With lots of photographic images for company discovering this quirky country, a second time around.” URL: Category: Foreigners & Japan Start […]

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