Loco in Yokohama

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New Blog: Loco in Yokohama

“This is not your typical blog about the foreigner’s experience here. I go places where most blogs dare not go or can’t go cuz they simply don’t know the way.

I’m not big on geisha, flower arrangements, tea ceremonies, and penis festivals. I don’t spew over French maid cafes, kimono-clad women nor sailor outfit wearing teens. Anime ain’t my forte.  I use Nihongo (Japanese language) but it doesn’t get me off. Nor do I get off on calling Japanese people xenophobic and perpetual whale-hunting dolphin-slaughtering isolationists. This is not a forum for whining and spitting at Japanese. That ain’t my thing, either.

I don’t think Japanese culture (as it stands) is weird and wonderful. I don’t even think it’s that unique.

It is what it is, and I tell it like it is. The good and the bad (At least I try to.)

Loco in  Yokohama started back in late 2008, borne out of my desire to share the things I was seeing and experiencing, and the life I was leading. It was simply a reason to write. It’s come a long way (as have I) and the best is yet to come.”

About this Japan blogger“A reader. A writer. A model. A shopper. A lover.

“I’m a writer, a teacher and a helluva basketball player (at least I used to be), live from New York  (Brooklyn) and doing a bid in Japan- seven years running.”

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