Weltentdeckerfrosch – Ein Froschleben in Japan

Addition to Japan Blog Directory

New Japan Blog: Weltentdeckerfrosch

Weltentdeckerfrosch (in English language something similar to world-discoverer-frog) is an ironic, informative blog about the daily life of a frog in Japan, after leaving it’s cozy pond in Germany. All posts are in German language, but you are welcome to comment on pictures or if you could understand German – on the contents as well. Further I like to insert some stupid drafts or handmade crafts. If you would like to read a boring blog about Japan as a tourist, I might disappoint you. If you like to share daily life of a female frog you are warmly welcome! I may think about writing in English for the future as well.. If you can encourage me to do so!

About this Japan Blogger

A female frog from Germany shares her colorful life in Japan.

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